Call for Work: Mothers Who Create

Our current call for work, Balance: Mothers Who Create, is something I have been wanting to do for a while. The gallery's first exhibit, Pregnant Dreams, drew an interesting spectrum of interpretation and artists. I keep going back to wanting to explore motherhood and the arts, not simply as subject matter within artistic works, but as a documentation of the various insights of mothers in regards to their creative endeavors. 

When I first graduated from undergrad and had my first child, I was told my art could be put on hold. When speaking to a financial advisor, I was told that my financial goal of having a studio space was a "future" goal; one that could be put off until the baby was grown. I was shocked. Would an accountant be given the same advice? To put off their career until their babies were older? 

I subsequently interviewed every woman I met who created art and asked them about their experience of balancing early motherhood and their careers. I read everything I could get my hands on about motherhood and creativity. Many women put off their big bodies of work, but few who were serious artists stopped creating all together. After battling postpartum depression, I realized that being creative restored my energy, got me out of my funk, and made me a better mother, which in turn helped me grow as a person and become a better artist. The roles of mother and artist are interdependent.

I am interested in gathering a collective body of work created by mothers in all stages of their career, in all stages of motherhood. This exhibit will be curated, and will rely on the stories of the artists (be prepared to answer a question or two when dropping off your work, ) as well as the work itself. 

I am also looking for artists through this call for work to have solo exhibits. Please don't hesitate to write to me with questions. TLGUTS is a family friendly gallery. We have toddler toys on hand, as well as art supplies for the older kids. Children are always welcome, as are their parents. 

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