As artists we rely on our muscle memory to improve our skills, and sensual memories for subject matter. Sights, sounds, smells, emotions, feelings... all of our memories come into play when we work. A color of a memory of a sunset from a childhood camping trip shows up in a flower in an oil painting, the coldness of a kitchen floor reminds us of the old soap stone sink in our grandmother's kitchen which turns into a poem, an oil slick in the driveway reminds us of our grandfather's knack for fixing all things mechanical which turns into a kinetic sculpture. Many of our strongest memories spur from "home", and those people who make us feel as though we are home. 

The next exhibit, "Home", spurs from this association between memory and imagery. In a time when people are fighting to keep their homes, families are increasingly and once again living with multiple generations under one roof, and many are having to move back home after graduating college or other life changes, "home" has become more of a sanctuary than ever, even as the definition and the structuring of "home" changes. 

This exhibit calls for works that depict "home" and is open to artists' interpretations.

Memories of "back home", loved ones, places that feel like "home", etc.  The full prospectus will be up this weekend. 


Michiko Imai: silent movement, listen to the calligraphy Extended

Our current exhibit, Michiko Imai's, silent movement, listen to the calligraphy, will be extended through May 16th. Michiko will be in the gallery on Tuesdays, May 5th and May 12th, from 1pm-5pm to speak to visitors in addition to regular Thursday night and Saturday hours. 

Amongst other upcoming events at the gallery, our next exhibit, HOME, runs from June 16th - August 21st. I will be posting the prospectus for this exhibit soon. In addition to this exhibit, TLGUTS will be hosting a monthly process group work night, opening a "little" gift shop in the gallery, and hosting workshops, as well as Michiko's ongoing monday calligraphy classes. For more information, stay tuned, or send a quick email for more information on any of these upcoming changes to TLGUTS!


Opening Reception for Michiko Imai


Michiko's opening went well. We had a good sized crowd; at times, the gallery was near capacity. Here are some photos taken during some quiet flows. Visitors arrived, had a glass of wine, enjoyed great conversations, learned about Michiko's work and process, and bought work. It was a successful opening in many regards. 

There are still quite a few pieces up for sale at various price points. Her work is extremely reasonably priced - and the selection available is quite stunning. Michiko has traditional pieces as well as more contemporary pieces available, with a range of color pallets that can suit any home or office. 

Learning about her work has been a challenge as a gallery owner as the medium is so new to me. Experiencing the artistic process of an artist who works in a medium I have never touched is humbling and offers opportunities for learning and growth which I appreciate immensely. 

Please also note: for the duration of this exhibit, Michiko will host additional viewing hours on Tuesdays from 1-5pm.