As artists we rely on our muscle memory to improve our skills, and sensual memories for subject matter. Sights, sounds, smells, emotions, feelings... all of our memories come into play when we work. A color of a memory of a sunset from a childhood camping trip shows up in a flower in an oil painting, the coldness of a kitchen floor reminds us of the old soap stone sink in our grandmother's kitchen which turns into a poem, an oil slick in the driveway reminds us of our grandfather's knack for fixing all things mechanical which turns into a kinetic sculpture. Many of our strongest memories spur from "home", and those people who make us feel as though we are home. 

The next exhibit, "Home", spurs from this association between memory and imagery. In a time when people are fighting to keep their homes, families are increasingly and once again living with multiple generations under one roof, and many are having to move back home after graduating college or other life changes, "home" has become more of a sanctuary than ever, even as the definition and the structuring of "home" changes. 

This exhibit calls for works that depict "home" and is open to artists' interpretations.

Memories of "back home", loved ones, places that feel like "home", etc.  The full prospectus will be up this weekend. 

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