Quick Impressions: The Salon at Yes Oui Si

On Thursday nights I've been venturing into Boston, checking out art exhibitions and catching up with friends and colleagues in the art world before heading into a fiber sculpture class with Samantha Fields at the Museum School.

The first exhibition I checked out was The Salon at Yes Oui Si. Jordan Piantedosi drew me into this one. She was introduced to me through Alicia Churchill and participated at the first Walnut Street Artists Market.

Her paintings, mixes of psychedelic poster color, skewed pinup beauties from dreamlands surrounded by sensually organic flowing patterns (Sad Eyes Baby), and intriguing juxtaposed characters (Fun Tower), were well worth the visit. Her style, which is playful (not to be confused with simple or overtly cheerful) and really quite refreshingly lush compared to the many artists working in fine line, text and/or muted earth/fleshtone colors along side splashes of vibrancy these days, stands out in this exhibition.

I was also fond of the piece by Stephanie Terelak on the back left wall (if I remember correctly). You'll have to go there to see it yourself. I spent a few extra minutes looking at that piece. 

The whole show was chalk full of good work from the group of young female artists which also included Alexa Guariglia, Lena Gustafson, Kira Leigh, and Stephanie Terelak. I applaud the space for getting such a great group of young female artists together and producing a well hung show with almost 100 pieces of work, all very reasonably priced. I was very unfashionably early so I got to see the exhibition almost privately, but I hear they had an amazing violinist and killer opening packed with people as well.

The exhibition goes until March 9th, so drop in and check it out. It's about a block or so away from the MFA visible from Huntington Ave.

Yes Oui Si was a great space, with nice touches. Don't miss signing their guest list on the old type writer near the entrance. If you're old enough to remember having an electric type writer, the sound alone is worth signing onto the mailing list, but I expect to see many more good shows at this gallery and will definitely be back.

I regret that I don't have more to say about the work and specifically about the other artists at this time, as I only have about a half hour to absorb these shows and hadn't really thought of writing any kind of review until this week, which brings me to the next exhibition, Passions of the Soul at the Trustman Art Gallery at Simmons College...

To be continued...

P.S. Thank you to the artists of The Salon and the curators at Yes Oui Si for getting me out there and unintentionally spearheading this project. Looking forward to the next one. xo