Poetry Story and Song, December 16th @ TLGUTS

There are a lot of hidden jewels here in Lynn, two of them being artists Elizabeth McKim and Don White. If you've been around here long enough, you know who they are; if you're new, keep reading. If you're not new, keep reading.

Elizabeth is a poet extraordinaire. She has published multiple books of poetry, including,  The Red Thread, which we carry here in Subterranean. Reading her poetry is an experience of personal awakening. Seeing and hearing her jazzy smooth style while reading live is a whole 'nother experience that I want you to have.

You will not be disappointed.

For those who are looking for a cv to back up my claims of her excellence, Elizabeth is Poet Laureate of the European Graduate School for Expressive Art Therapy in Switzerland. She is also a teacher at Leslie in the department of Creative Arts and Learning. She's a graduate of Goddard College, which turns out a creative force of artists and writers on the regular (a couple of artists we have lined up are also alumni of this school), and guest lectures all over the country on poetry and writing and creativity.

Don White, the P.S.S. musical story teller, i.e. folk artist, is one of the nation's best. He was born and raised right here in Lynn, which gives him by default, charisma wrought with sarcasm and insightful humor that is not unlike that of my family members, but with better comedic timing, a load of songwriting talent, and way more style. If you understand New England funny, he's going to make your face hurt from laughing so hard, or maybe your eyes well up from the sincerity of his performance. When I see him live, I laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. I have never seen him live and not had sore cheeks after wards even if he just plays a song or two, or just reads a few pages from his book, Memoirs of a C Student, and I'm a pretty hard nut to crack.

If you don't understand New England funny, then come and we'll explain it to you. Just keep in mind that we don't make fun of people we don't like. For those people we have facial expressions and hand gestures and eye twitches.

Don is damn good. He's mischievous, he's got one of the biggest hearts around, is one of the hardest working proponents of the arts in Lynn, when he's not touring the country and spewing his storytelling, singing, songwriting comedic awesomeness. That's his cv. (Well, there's a lot more to him than that, so come meet him.)

Elizabeth came to me with the idea of Poetry Story and Song as a one time event for her and Don White to perform locally for an intimate group here at the gallery. I loved the idea so much, we're going to make it into a regular thing. 

The first event, featuring Elizabeth and Don, is Thursday, December 16th, 8pm, here at TLGUTS. The cost for tickets is $12 general admission, $6 seniors.

Oh, there's a charge? Yes dear. This isn't an open mic performance. Poets and songwriters have to buy food and pay mortgages too. You can take home the swell of inspiration, feeling of connection to your fellow audience members through our common thread of shared human experience, and feel-goodness that comes from participating in the arts for no extra charge.

(Although we will have free coffee available.)

Get your tickets online at www.tlguts.com, or send us an RSVP to hold your tickets at the door. No shows for held tickets will be hunted.

Call 781.715.1445 or email jocelynalmy@tlguts.com