This week, The Little Gallery under the Stairs will be hosting it's second Lynn LAVA meeting. LAVA, or Lynn Artists' Voices Alliance, is a group starting to join together the creative voices of Lynn. Lynn has a central organization that works to join the Lynn creative community, LynnArts Inc., which works to promote culture and the creative economy in Lynn. LAVA is a group meant to bring together the artists of Lynn on a regular basis to network, learn about upcoming opportunities in the community, and cohesively give voice to the artists and creative thinkers who reside or work in Lynn.

There have been a number of developments over the years, as cited in my last blog. This group also aims to encourage further growth within the arts community as well as increase visibility and opportunities for individual artists and those groups which already exist within the community.

LAVA meetings will be fairly informal, with opportunity for everyone to share their concerns, ideas, and accomplishments. At this second meeting, we will begin by announcing upcoming opportunities and then have an open forum for individuals to speak and exchange ideas.

To RSVP, or to add anything specific to the agenda, please contact me.