TLGUTS Receives Grant for Mothers Who Create

I would like to publicly thank the Massachusetts Local Cultural Council for awarding The Little Gallery under the Stairs a grant in support of the VOICES: Mothers Who Create exhibition.

The receipt of this grant means a lot to us not only financially, but also for the public recognition of the hard work we do here at TLGUTS and the importance of acknowledging women and mothers who are artists.

As we embark on another year of gallery programming here at TLGUTS, we are resoundingly aware of the difficult financial situation that arts agencies and artists are facing, which makes that grant all the more appreciated. Alternative galleries like ours are facing a difficult prospect to keep afloat until the economy rebounds at the ground level.

Just imagine if in 2010, all of the small alternative galleries in Massachusetts like The Little Gallery under the Stairs closed. What would the new landscape of our art community look like?

Over the past three and a half years, in our little space, we have exhibited and promoted works of nearly two hundred artists (either on our walls or through other venues), focusing on exhibitions which celebrate shared human experiences and encourage creative dialog, and have continued to help promote and support artists long after their work comes off our walls.

Here are a few of opportunities that our artists have gained through their exhibitions at TLGUTS:
  • solo exhibition opportunities
  • invitations to become members of artist associations
  • opportunities to sell work through private sales
  • teaching/employment opportunities
  • features in publications
  • U.S. Visa renewal support
  • ongoing career support and promotion long after their work leaves the gallery
and more...

Our services and relationships with our artists are not the only things that we value here at TLGUTS. We also make every effort to ensure that our visitors feel welcome and a part of the conversation the artists propose through their exhibitions.

With every exhibition and program, our gallery audiences (both artists and viewers) expand. We have experienced a lot of growth over the past year, making it impossible for me to run the gallery by myself any longer.

To that end, I have brought together a wonderful advisory team with whom I will meet after the new year. In addition, Jeffrey Testa, my husband and long-time creative collaborator has officially joined TLGUTS as a business partner.

Jeff has been working as an applications specialist and web developer for the past twelve years. His current day job is as a member of Boston Children Hospital's Webby and MITX recognized IT team.

Jeff also has a background in fine arts, earning his BFA in Photo Electronic Imagery through UMass Dartmouth where he also pursued printmaking and metals.

2010 promises to bring more growth and programming, as we look forward to the second Mother's exhibition titled VOICES, and its complimentary programming including a film screening of FEMLink by C.M. Judge, a dance performance by Encore, and more.

Please consider joining the Massachusetts Cultural Council by supporting the gallery with a contribution today, or by becoming a volunteer at TLGUTS. 100% of all contributions will be used towards gallery programming.

If you're reading this from afar, consider donating to your local art or cultural center!

Thank you for supporting the preservation of the North Shore art community's landscape by supporting TLGUTS. We look forward to seeing you again soon at the gallery.


TLGUTS Founder and Director

*we are not a non-profit organization, so at this time, gifts are not tax-deducatable.