Opening Reception for Michiko Imai


Michiko's opening went well. We had a good sized crowd; at times, the gallery was near capacity. Here are some photos taken during some quiet flows. Visitors arrived, had a glass of wine, enjoyed great conversations, learned about Michiko's work and process, and bought work. It was a successful opening in many regards. 

There are still quite a few pieces up for sale at various price points. Her work is extremely reasonably priced - and the selection available is quite stunning. Michiko has traditional pieces as well as more contemporary pieces available, with a range of color pallets that can suit any home or office. 

Learning about her work has been a challenge as a gallery owner as the medium is so new to me. Experiencing the artistic process of an artist who works in a medium I have never touched is humbling and offers opportunities for learning and growth which I appreciate immensely. 

Please also note: for the duration of this exhibit, Michiko will host additional viewing hours on Tuesdays from 1-5pm. 


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