Art Salon Boston, March 28th & 29th - Jocelyn is showing her stuff!

This Saturday, TLGUTS is Closed!

This weekend I am going to be showing a couple of pieces at the Art Salon Boston Open Studio in Jamaica Plain. To be honest, I haven't been working on my own work in quite some time. The gallery is my creative work on many levels. However, I opted to enter into this event for the following reasons:

a.) To give myself a deadline to pull my studio together and continue with my own work. 

b.) Donna has exhibited at TLGUTS, so I thought it would be great to reverse roles! 

c.) I have been attending the salon whenever I can (averaging every couple of months), for a while now. Not only do I find the salons incredibly informative, but I also leave each gathering with an abundance of creative energy. I felt obligated - in a very good way - to be a part of the Open Studio to support continuity for this group. 

d.) I am grateful for the opportunity to share my stitch work.

Jocelyn Almy-Testa, June August, Gloria Carrigg, Robin Chandler, Clara Angelina Diaz, Kathleen Fink, Chuck Lathrop, Jeannine Hunter Lazarro, Lynne Robbins

Saturday and Sunday, March 28th & 29th at Donna Dodson's studio, 93 Hill Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130. 

The Art Salon Boston is an open group of artists in the greater Boston area that meets monthly to discuss all aspects of the visual arts, poetry, music, architecture, crafts, dance, performance, theater, creative writing, and share opportunities, announcements of upcoming shows and information on technical resources.

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