Saturday Hours - We are OPEN!

Yesterday LynnArts sent out an announcement saying that their galleries were closing on Saturdays. I want to assure everyone that we will still be open here at TLGUTS. Their decision allows for Jenn, the current LynnArts Saturday staff person, to be in the office an extra day during the work week when she needs to be available to the rest of the 9-5 population. 

For those who have navigated here without knowledge of our gallery or LynnArts, LynnArts is a community arts center with multiple art galleries, some of the most beautiful art galleries on the North Shore, a black box theater, and artist studios. We are located in the lower level of this building.

I was worried about what the Saturday closing meant to TLGUTS because our hours are already limited. I often have to explain to people that we are an independent gallery located in LynnArts; we are not a part of the organization, just very supportive of it. I am still worried that once people think LynnArts is closed that they will also assume we are closed. Rest assured, we are not.

In fact, on Saturdays whenever possible, we will be able to bring our guests upstairs to see the LynnArts exhibits as well. The upcoming show in the Time Warner Gallery, Wearable Art, is very exciting to me as someone who works with fibers, and I am expecting a big turnout in entries as well as attendance.  The Willow community gallery will showcase the cyanotype work of Denyse Murphy, another exciting show, and the Hartman Leigh Children's Gallery will be showcasing the work of Saugus High School students. 

So, yes, we are still going to be open on Saturdays, and will assist those who wish to see the "galleries upstairs" to the best of our abilities.

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