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Today I received many inquiries and requests to consider including artists from across the country and abroad for this exhibit. In the spirit of inclusiveness, I am offering this information to include artists from all over:

The Little Gallery under the Stairs, is just that, a little gallery, which means we also have a little budget. I cannot offer to pay for shipment of work at this time, which is why I usually limit the call to local artists. However, I will accept art work from artists who are willing to ship and insure their work both ways, unless they are sold of course. I recommend that artists who would like to send their work contact me directly for more information about this type of entry.  I will work with you to the best of my ability. I try to be very aware of exhibition costs for artists entering juried exhibits, and have kept the gallery commission and entry fees as low as possible, especially in the country's current financial climate.

I ask that you send your pertinent information, entry fee, and high resolution images as soon as possible. As soon as your entry requirements are received, I will let you know whether or not the work has been accepted into the show to allow enough time for shipment. Please be sure to include dimensions as well.

This would be the gallery's first attempt at this method of submissions for a juried show and will refine this process for future exhibits with guidelines outlined in the prospectus. I did not expect, but am excited about the number of inquiries about this exhibit. I am already considering the possibilities of taking this show beyond the gallery walls, which will be determined by the actual number of responses vs. inquiries. 

If you are interested in or plan to submit to this exhibit, and would like to submit ideas about pushing the intent and preface of the exhibit further, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.


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