Closing Reception for Sand T

(Images at the top are from the opening reception)

On Saturday we held a closing reception for Sand T's exhibit UP-CLOSE-AND-PERSONAL. I have grown accustomed to having her work in the gallery and am sad to see it go. Sand T's work drew great interest from the community, bringing many new visitors. Many were already familiar with her work, others were seeing her work, and the gallery, for the first time.

Sand T's work consists of studious compilations of language, sketches, imagery, and a command of a medium she has made her own. Sand began using epoxy to protect her work, then reexamined the possibilities of the compound and began using it as a medium to visually enhance her work. The drops of epoxy she uses on the surface of her work become elements of design, as well as distributors of light and tools of magnification.  

When she uses the epoxy in this manner, elements of the image which help define the conceptual intent of the work are highlighted, helping the viewer interpret her work, seeing beyond the visual beauty of the piece as a whole, and into the private world of the artist. 

She also uses epoxy to create layers between the collaged printed material, adding dimension and space for light to travel through the pieces which would otherwise fall flat on the surface.

Each element of each piece is carefully considered from the creation of the cradle, through the selection and layout of imagery, the relationship of the font styles next to the handwritten excerpts, the masterful use of epoxy, and finally, through the handmade pegs and wooden supports she uses to display the work.

Her work was well received, with many people commenting on its simple beauty, as well as the ingenuity of her technique, masterfully crafted method of presentation, strong sense of design, and overall quality of the body of work. I was thoroughly impressed with Sand not only as an artist, but as a self promoter and supporter of the many artists who came to see the exhibit. I wasn't surprised by this-she is well known in the art community, but seeing her in action first hand is awe inspiring. I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend her as an exhibiting artist.

The closing reception was well attended, with people arriving early and staying late. There was a solid constant flow of visitors who thoughtfully studied her work and were altogether a remarkable group of creative thinkers, ranging from seasoned to upcoming artists, gallery owners and art lovers. 

If you missed the chance to see Sand's exhibit, please visit her websites. She is an archivist extraordinaire. Also check back in June when she will be exhibiting a new body of work in the Willow community gallery upstairs in LynnArts.

Sand T, thank you. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

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