New Phone Number 781.715.1445

During the last open house, a gentleman called to double check that we would be open before heading out. He called the gallery and no one answered. No one answered because I had, on this important day, forgotten my cell phone at home. 

Besides the frustration of acknowledging my own bad business practice of forgetting the phone, normally this wouldn't have been a problem because my husband would have fielded the calls and helped my guest. However, our cell phones no longer get service in our home. After calling our service provider and lodging a complaint, we were told that our location was a "dead zone", and that there are no plans to install any new towers in our area. 

It made financial and logistical sense to use this service as the gallery hours are limited, yet I need to be available throughout the week to artists and guests who would like to schedule appointments. I have used the cell phone for the past couple of years for business purposes without problems, or so I thought.  I now wonder how many calls I may have missed; how many people hung up without leaving messages or waiting for voicemail. So, thank you to the gentleman who brought this to my attention, and know that we now have a phone line at the gallery which I can check regularly from wherever I am. 

Running a one-person business means you get to make all the decisions, and take all the blame. I apologize to anyone who has tried to reach me by phone in the past and has not gotten through. Quality service is a staple of this business and I make every effort to acknowledge mistakes and correct them. This situation has been resolved.

Our new gallery phone number is 781.715.1445. 

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