TONIGHT!!! Word Art at Walnut Street Cafe!

So I've been lax about my own visual work for a long time. The image above is about, oh, 15 years old. Printed in a wet darkroom. That's about how long its been since I have really put my head down and developed a body of work.

I've been so focused on dividing my time between helping at LynnArts and running the gallery for the past going on eight years (minus the past six months which has been focused on the gallery and community work)... I just let my own visual art work fall to the wayside. I have, however, been writing.

I started keeping a journal in the third grade. I have countless journals hidden somewhere in my house which I should probably burn now that my kids are teenagerish people. Writing has kept me sane through all those moments in life that are devastating or ridiculously happy.

Tonight I will be sharing some of my writing at the Walnut Street Cafe in Lynn, MA. This little "hot spot" has become my new favorite place. With Speak Up on Wednesday nights, run by the infamous Don White,  Jeff Pearlstein's drum circle on Thursday nights, live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and Don's Open Mic on Sunday nights, there's always something gong on.

What I love the most about Walnut Street, besides it's full line up of arts programming, and the fire pit,  is the people. There's a community of thinkers, tinkerers, musicians, writers, visual artists, activists, etc. that have found their place over at Walnut Street. It's a place in the city where I can go to fill my cup with inspiration, other than the gallery or Turbine.

It's good to have options. I wish there were more options in the city for visual artists. I think that's about to happen. I have been hearing a lot of buzz about people starting different spaces which will focus on the visual arts and I look forward to having more people around participating in a visual dialog.

Meanwhile, come on down to Walnut Street tonight. I go on at 8:30pm, but come earlier to hear the other performers. I'll paint you a picture or two with my words.

Walnut Street Cafe
157 Walnut Street
Lynn, MA 01905-1168
(781) 596-1690

facebook event page for tonight!

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