End of Taste, Beginning of a three week break

TASTE comes down tomorrow. Between the opening reception and all of the vents we had, we had a lot of traffic for this show. I hate when shows come down. By the end of each show, I know each piece intimately and hate to see them go.

The past year had been crazy hectic with the start of Arts After Hours, a continuous stream of exhibits, and life in general. The next few weeks I am taking some time off, kind of.

Day One of my "Time Off"

Sunday starts with the first NOBAS (North of Boston Art Salon), at the gallery at 10am. Then at one, I am heading over to Nest Forward's opening at their new office in Nahant. (Note to artists: Realtors are your friends. Eventually, you will need to use one. The owner of Nest Forward, Soraya, is very artist friendly.) After visiting the beautiful office building, I will be chasing my children all over the beaches for a couple hours and hopefully taking some new photos of them for my office, then I attending the state of the city address at the Lynn Museum and meeting with the museum director about potentially bringing programming for artists to the museum.

Day Two
Mama is a taxi cab. Finishing first draft of article on artist Jeff Fioravanti.

Day Three
Meetings in search of a new gallery space and separate studio space for me. Working on article.

Day Four
Meeting with design firm, Elissa Von Letkemann Art & Design. Awesome new business cards, check.

Day Five
Ad book for Arts After Hour's First Musical, 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee, and pr and Marketing for our next event, SWING! And drumming at Walnut Street

Day Six
Booking line up for artists, workshops, P.S.S. and Movie series. Working on article.

Day Seven
a.m. artist studio visit. Full on assault on the new and improved business plan.

Not to mention I plan to bring my children to the beach every day possible and start my new exercise regime. I hate Nordstrom mirrors. 

That's what my "weeks off" look like.

The next week I am taking it slow. I am talking at Brandeis about motherhood and the arts, and following up on all of the other things I started the week before.

Week three:
Heading to a three day conference on how to draw people into the downtown.

Someday, I am truly going to pack my bags and get on a plane and go somewhere where there is no art in sight, leave my laptop home, and just sit still.

Nah, that's not going to happen. But please, for the next three weeks, be kind to me for not returning your email right away. I'm taking a much deserved break.

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