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The past six months have been crazy here. Apparently, I have been "resisting", according to the book I am reading, which will remain nameless until I finish my review. We get to points in our careers where we have to move on to the next level of challenge. I am there.

The space where TLGUTS is located has been good to me. It gave me legs. However, there are obvious issues that keep growth stunted. For instance, some of my very favorite artists like to work big, and the little gallery can't support a show of many of their works. So I was looking for a new home. One with higher walls, more wall space, and street level visibility; a new space that will fit all the programs I run through the gallery and room to grow.

I look forward to finding this new space, and but we are months and months away from this becoming a reality.  In the meanwhile, TLGUTS will remain where it is. I thought about taking a break for the summer as an alternative, but there's just too much that I want to do, too many artists to show, too many things going on, too many people who meet up here on the regular. If I stopped cold turkey, I would lose my mind. Bringing people together is like a drug to me. The more people, the merrier I am. So, there is the news I have been holding back on. I was hoping to be able to release a new address, but we don't have one - and its looking like it may take a while.

Meanwhile, we are going to move forward. 

The Spring Swing, sponsored by Arts After Hours, is going to be held on May 28th, a Saturday evening. Upstairs we will have swing music, a little something something from Turbine Wine Bar, a few cool inspired interludes throughout the evening, and downstairs, at TLGUTS, or the VIP room, we will have an opening reception for a very special artist.

Next week, we have our film screening of Herb and Dorothy. For more info, check out our website.

This Spring Swing is also TLGUTS five year birthday party. We will have a cake, yes. And we will have dancing, and we will have all sorts of fun... most of all, we hope to have you there. More info to come. If you want to be on our volunteer staff for the evening, let me know!

Meanwhile, come see TASTE! It's only up for another week, and there are still pieces that need homes.

Artists include: Jennifer Adler, John C. Bennard, Jane Von Letkemann Coder,
Susan Funk, Fran Gardino, Christine McShane, Kim Sabella,
R. Peri Sossaman, Sandra Winter, Cate Woolner, Christy Yates

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