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Today was a good day at the gallery. It was slower and manageable and I was able to talk to the visitors one on one. Each person commented on how "terrific" the work is. The LynnArts staff also brought people down to see the show during the week, so a big thank you to them! I am going to post the photos from the reception soon. I got the fluish thing that's going around and ended up heading home early Thursday night. I felt better when I woke up this morning, so I went in. The thing about running a one woman operation- you don't get to call in sick unless you're hospital-sick, just like mothering... so I'm a little slow on the draw this weekend and my husband just asked me to stop working and take a night off... It's almost 10, so I may just go to bed before midnight for the first time in...well, a really long time!

I am trying to put together a list of the web presence of this exhibit and would love it if people could email me any links they know of... These are a few quickies I know of and will soon post more when I'm feeling a little better. I sent another batch of pr as well ... If you know of any/have linked to us, please let us know so we can return the favor.

Salem/ Beverly Art and Drawing MeetUp group run by John Dumas:












Please add links you find to the comments section and I will upload them here....


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