Update: Balance: Mothers Who Create

There has been a fantastic outpouring of support for this exhibit. I have received emails from people who are excited about the concept of the exhibit, volunteers who want to help, and those who didn't make the deadline but would like to participate in "the next" mothers' exhibit. Those who have seen it, love it. I'm sure that because, so far, the viewers have all been friends of the gallery, their opinions may be a little biased, but I choose to believe them because really, the rooms look great.

While we never know how many will show up until the actual day of the opening, I am expecting and planning for a good sized crowd. I am an eternal optimist. I also plan on having a good time, whistling while I work so-to-speak. The women I have met so far have been very interesting women and I can't wait to meet the rest of you.

The opening reception is always an exciting time. Most artists are seeing the exhibit for the first time. It's a nerve racking experience for me because I worry about whether the artists will appreciate the layout of the work. I do so want the artists to be happy with their exhibit. Until the work is on the wall, it's my exhibit. It's my idea, my baby, if you will. Once the work is up, I feel it belongs to the artists. It's their time to shine and for their voices to come through.

The exhibit runs for a month or so after the opening which poses the challenge of keeping the exhibit alive during its full run. There are two follow up events, one on March 7th- the open house and gallery talk during which I will discuss the work and the layout of the exhibit, as well the preface of the exhibit and the mission of the gallery, provide resources for further exploration of the preface, and take questions. The other is the closing reception, for all those last minute viewers. It will also be a chance for artists to meet again and pick up their work.

There's still work to do. My wonderful "web guy", is working on an online gallery for the exhibit which should be up some time early next week if not sooner. Tonight he's at band practice. I need to do a little housekeeping, and I need to pull together and finalize my written piece for the book without writing a book -at least for now, and there's a load of boring desk work that needs to be done. I'm sure there's more, but I don't need to worry you with that. Right now I just want to get something up on the blog that says I'm working, we're approaching the opening reception, we've already had people come through to see the exhibit with a good response, and say thank you.

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