Opening Reception for Balance: Mothers Who Create, Huge Turnout, Thank You

I was blown away by how many people attended Saturday's reception. There was barely enough room to move! The response was incredible, with many, many comments on the fantastic work and warm atmosphere of the gallery. Thank you to all of the artists. Without you, this would not have happened. You are a remarkable group of people! Thank you to artists Trinidad Martinez , Carol Calabro, and Luba Shapiro who helped me with last minute details, kept on top of the refreshments and helped throughout the reception, and to artist Camille Maren and the gallery's new friend Ali Ellwood for their support. Thank you also to Maria Marx who beautifully added atmosphere to the reception with her violin. Please take the time to visit the artists' websites via the TLGUTS website "artist" page!

I would also like to thank my "web guy", Jeff, the gallery's most ardent supporter who has spent countless hours over the past three years listening to my ideas, helping to update the website, and taking care of our four children while I am hanging art work, writing, researching, and generally, taking care of business, while maintaing a career of his own. Also, thank you to all of the people in the artists' lives who contributed through support, co-parenting, daycare, diaper changes, etc.

Thank you to Ichi Foto, who photographed the exhibit at the end of the reception, and to Gary Robinson of Lewis of Lynn Signs who created the lettering for the exhibit. I highly recommend both businesses. Gary creates removable lettering for gallery walls amongst other services. Give him a call. His contact information is on our "links" page of the website. I will have more information about Ichi Foto soon.

We are currently creating an online gallery for the work and planning the gallery talk which will be held on March 7th, from 2-4, during which I will discuss the premise of the exhibit, the individual pieces and how the exhibit was mapped out. On March 17th there will be a reception for all those last minute viewers. At the end of the reception, artists can take home remaining work.

Meanwhile, the gallery will be open during it's regular hours on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30pm, on Saturdays from 10am - 4pm, and by appointment.

If anyone has photographs of the opening, please send them my way with a photo credit line.

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