itty-bitty shop at TLGUTS open now!

THe Little Gallery under the Stairs announces the opening of it's "itty-bitty" shop. The shop, set in the gallery's alcove space, offers handmade objects, prints, and original works for under $100.00. Each month, we will feature a different artist on our website. July's artist is Jeff Fioravanti. 

Jeff, a Lynn based artist, has won numerous awards and has been included in many major art publications for his pastels. He is amongst the best our nation has to offer. His smaller Giclee prints are selling for $20.00, and notecards for $10.00. Quite a steal for such high quality imagery! Check out his website to see his beautiful work. Look for more about Jeff on our new website which we will be announcing this upcoming week!

Happy Father's Day to Jeff and all of the other Father-artists! 

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