Happy Fishing

I was just thinking about something. It has completely escaped me now. It was pretty important. Something I should do. A good idea. Something that was going to make something else better. Good ideas are sometimes fleeting. Ever happen to you?

It happens to me all the time. These fleeting ideas that are on the tip of my tongue make my tongue so heavy at times it's hard to speak at all. This is why I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. I keep notes because I know I'll forget those ideas. I have a bunch of these notebooks. One for gallery ideas, one for inventions, one for sketching, one for consulting, a journal, one for home management... 

This week I'm going to do some reflective reading and see if I can find those gems that I should have remembered and turn them into action. 

My challenge to you is to fish through your journal or sketchbook this week, and see if you see any patterns in your work, anything you have done subliminally or knowingly in repetition, or any good ideas that you just haven't followed through on, and turn them into something concrete. If you feel so inclined, let me know how it goes.
Happy fishing.

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