Belle Absente: weekly writing salons

Corey Corcoran, Allergies
Introducing the first event collaboration between The Little Gallery Under the Stairs and Subterranean: Belle Absente.

On Wednesday evenings we will be hosting miniature writing retreats. In the spirit of Oulipo's laboratory of potential literature and the Romanticist, Surrealist and Tel Quel salons that preceded it, we invite you to vigorous conversation and writing sessions, collaborations and experiments.

Work away on your own project in the company of other writers; critique and workshop sticky situations; play Exquisite Corpse or the degenerative writing/drawing parlor game Eat Poop You Cat; break out of your comfort zone with constraints of Bourbakian set theory compiled by Oulipo; come up with a piece of brilliant new writing for your next open mic performance at the Walnut Street Cafe; or spark a more organic and ongoing collaboration.

We'll provide the coffee, wi-fi, and comfy seating. You bring your choice of writing tools (and bottled inspiration if desired).

While you are here, check out Corey Corcoran's Exhibition, NUMBSKULL, open through the end of October!

Belle Absente begins October 13, 8:00 PM at TLGUTS.
Belle Absente has already begun.

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