Extended Hours at TLGUTS

This summer, I have met many new and fantastic people who have come to the gallery to see IMPORTANT THINGS, and to see what the buzz is down here. I am going to open the gallery for the week of August 18th -22nd for those who want to see the show and need to come during the week, but feel a little shy about calling and making an appointment to see the gallery.

The operating hours will be:
Tues Aug 18th 10am -5pm
Wed Aug 19th 10am -5pm
Thurs Aug 20th 1pm - 8:30 pm
Fri join us at the Peabody Essex Museum for Free Fun Friday!
Sat Aug 22nd 10am - 6pm, artist pick up

I will be at the gallery during those hours preparing for the fall/winter line-up, including Ellen Shattuck Pierce's Floor Play exhibit, an exhibit of photographs by moi, and then Salonified -a salon style open exhibit for the holiday season. The itty-bitty gift shop will be open, the Important Things exhibition will be in it's final week, and the artist resource room will be open for use. 

I will also be available for those who wish to bring sample inventory for consideration for the itty-bitty gift shop. I am currently working on the August newsletter (our newsletters are sent out mid-month), so you will be hearing more about what's happening soon.

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